How to Beat Google at a Big Industry Challenge: PCB Component Libraries

Ask any PCB designer what they would put in Room 101, and chances are managing component libraries would be up there. It is an industry challenge with massive cost implications, as engineers spend around half of their development time managing component data. Simply put, less time spent managing component data means more time for product innovation, fewer errors and reduced costs. All things every product development company needs to win them a competitive edge.

Zuken & CSK

Consistency – The Key to Business Success

Consistency isn’t flashy or bragged about in our age of instant gratification. But it’s exactly what you need to thrive and set yourself apart in competitive business conditions. I caught up with Karl-Heinz Kluwetasch, Owner and Manager Director of CSK, who credits his CADSTAR PCB Design Software Distributor of the Year 2015/2016 win to a combination of consistent support, customer contact through roadshows, and superior training all under one roof.

PCB Design iPad App

The Smart Phone and Tablet App for CADSTAR

This free CADSTAR Touch app allows you to use your iPhone, iPad or Android device as a secondary wireless controller with CADSTAR, for simultaneous control of the view and program functions. Not only does it let you pan and zoom the display view, but you can also execute CADSTAR’s user defined macros.