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Constraint ManagementThe benefits experienced when using Constraint Management tools can apply to anyone from small design centers to globally managed companies.  In a time where there is a high turnaround in product to market and human resources, the wealth of knowledge acquired can be organized and re-used to help establish a competitive edge for any respective industry.  The key issue to always keep in mind is finding the most effective execution strategy for your individual design flow needs.

Faster Printed Circuit Boards

Faster Board Speeds Demand Constraint-driven Design

Do you still use Post-it Notes? Invented in 1979, this simple, yet incredibly powerful, communication mechanism is still commonly found in engineering and design departments. Despite modern electronic communication, many companies still struggle to provide a replacement for their ease-of-use and versatility. 

Vendor Integration in EDA

The Natural Progression Towards Vendor Integration in EDA

Today I’m going to be talking about the gradual convergence of EDA single tools to integrated systems. In the early days of HiFi home entertainment systems, specialist vendors provided separate record (vinyl!) decks, amplifiers and speakers, then left it to the ingenuity of the customer to build their own system – they still do for the serious audiophiles.