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CR-5000 LightningAs an integral part of the CR-5000 tool suite, CR-5000 Lightning is the key to getting rapid, accurate results, coupled with first-rate signal integrity and EMC. This powerful PCB design simulation and analysis software allows you to realize your PCB design more rapidly, while maintaining signal integrity (SI) and EMC.

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CR-5000 R14 – The Thrill of a New Release

As a former PCB designer I always looked forward to the next release of the software that I was designing with. Like a kid unwrapping a gift, I would open up the What’s New HTML file and read through all the amazing new goodies designed to make my job that much easier. To this day, as an AE for Zuken, I still have that childlike spirit when I get my first glimpse of what’s new in CR-5000 and this year was no exception when I checked out Revision 14…

BGA Packages and High-speed Networks

BGA Packages – Are You Designing Your High-speed Memory Networks in the Dark?

The latest controller techniques for DDR3 include read and write leveling. The most basic of these features allows the controller to compensate automatically for the use of flyby topology in DDR3, which naturally skews signal arrival times at receivers. An extension of this technique within read leveling permits skew between individual bus bits to be compensated for within the memory system hardware itself. And there’s more.


Why Simulate PCBs at All? On-and off-piste Gigabit Signaling, Simulation and Modeling

This may seem a strange question for someone who’s made their living out of signal integrity for so long, but things have changed. There was a period in the 80s and 90s that I call the SI Deficit: the period when signal integrity issues took engineers by surprise and my specialty was even called “Black Magic”. The design landscape has changed radically since then – the main reason for this being standardization…