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Defense IndustryAllocation of restricted access rights that allow only the essential information required for each engineer to complete their activities involves central access control that can be integrated within the current product development lifecycle. Zuken’s solutions have been structured to aid this process and provide a smooth way forward for product development.

Metal Additive Electronics Cooling

Metal Additive Helps Overcome Tough Electronics Cooling Challenge

Man-carried military communication systems often consume large amounts of power. The heat must be removed from the electronics package to avoid frying sensitive electronic components. The package typically is designed to be carried in a backpack which often puts difficult constraints on the form factor and weight of the system.

Cyber Cell Technology

Defense Industry Spotlight: MSPO 2016 and Cyber Cell Technology

Last month I visited Poland’s major defense show, MSPO, for the first time. Because I’d visited DSEI in London last year I was familiar with the military grandeur that you only experience at one of these big defense industry events. But the difference at MSPO is that although it’s huge and the general investment in the show is visible, it’s much more hands-on. The event has grown in its 24 years to become the third largest defense show in Europe.