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E3.series: Electrical and Wire Harness Design SoftwareE3.series 2017 marks another milestone in the continuous evolution of Zuken’s easy-to-use, yet powerful electrical and fluid engineering tools for advanced design-to-manufacture in the machinery, transportation and automation sectors.


What's New

What’s New with E3.series Webinar Review

A new version of anything is exciting no matter how great the previous version. I realized it when looking for a new car and couldn’t wait for the new model year and test drive it. The webinar on What’s New with E3.series gave a lot of us with the same feeling of excitement – and a lot of questions.

API Powered Automation

E3.series 2017 Top 10, Part 3: API Powered Automation

The API (aka COM interface) gets the final spot in our top 10 series. There was no order or ranking for this list as such but this is one of my beloved features. It gives access to an abundant list of functions that can control almost all aspects of the design environment. You are able to access the API using the internal VBScript engine or the standard ‘.NET’ interface and connect to the application.