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EDA EngineerSince its establishment in 1976, Zuken has been a world-leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company providing software solutions that maximize the efficiency of the design and manufacturing processes for many of the largest electronics companies around the world. Today, Zuken’s product offerings include PCB design, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), wire harness and cable design, and engineering data management solutions.

Vendor Integration in EDA

The Natural Progression Towards Vendor Integration in EDA

Today I’m going to be talking about the gradual convergence of EDA single tools to integrated systems. In the early days of HiFi home entertainment systems, specialist vendors provided separate record (vinyl!) decks, amplifiers and speakers, then left it to the ingenuity of the customer to build their own system – they still do for the serious audiophiles.

Global Designers

Managing EDA Tools in a Global Design Environment – Part 2

Today I’m going to be talking about multi-site design. You might recall in the first blog post on this topic, that I looked at how to optimize your global design environment to ensure it is configured properly to manage both the EDA tools and the CAD library across multiple sites and regions. Today I’m moving on to discussing how it can be leveraged to truly empower multi-site design. You may think you’re already leveraging tools and resources across other sites and/or regions to accomplish multi-site design, but here’s some more ideas which you may not have already implemented.

Global environment

Managing EDA Tools in a Global Design Environment – Part 1

If you have multiple design centers on different continents that have EDA environment and design sharing issues, then this two part series of blog posts should be put on your reading list. First I’m going to start off with looking at tips for managing EDA tools and the top five areas of functionality that should be on your evaluation list. In the second part of the blog series I’ll look at utilizing a properly managed global EDA environment to empower multi-site design.