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Engineering Green Technology

The Irony of Green Technology and Engineering Departments

Green technology and saving the environment is two of the biggest common challenges facing all industries. The economic progress we are aiming for to a large part seems counter intuitive when we must expend less energy and be more mindful of our product designs. The cradle to grave assessment is imperative and must form the basis of any design environment.

Fun in Engineering

How to Test Your Engineers the Fun Way

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, by now you may have come to realize that it isn’t all about talking formally about engineering topics; we like to embrace the real-life side of the Zuken global organization. Our version of Hollywood Game Night (an American TV game show) complete with pizza, wings and a few pints of beer is the way to really test if the training has entered their frontal lobe and not just gone in one ear and drifted out of the other.