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Hardware ArchitectureHardware architecture design is becoming a competitive requirement as product complexity is on the rise and the room for error is shrinking. You may not be able to squeeze much more productivity out of your detailed design tools, but you can feed them with higher quality designs.

E/E Design Process Evolution with MBSE

E/E Design Process Evolution with MBSE

This is an exciting time in the product development world. Increasing product complexity is driving the need for a design process evolution. Not long ago the detailed design process was the centerpiece of product development. But the need for functional and physical design accuracy is forcing the product development process to evolve. In response, the product development process is both converging and expanding.

Vehicle Systems

A System of Systems Design Approach

The traditional PCB-centric design process is being replaced by a system-centric process. The system can be defined as the final product (e.g., camera) or one of the many components that comprise a product (e.g., 1 of 80 electronic control units in a car). Product complexity is driving this profound shift away from a focus on detailed design toward a systems engineering approach.

Hardware Architecture and New Product Requirements

Translating New Product Requirements into Hardware Architecture

Defining initial hardware architecture requires many decisions, most of which impact a variety of different stakeholders and requirements – including multiple design tools – circuit design, PCB layout, mechanical design, spreadsheets, etc. that are used to track different elements of the design.