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Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)Product complexity is driving the need for better product requirement and hardware architecture definition in the form of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). MBSE is becoming the new starting point for product development. For example, a requirement for a braking system is a stopping distance of 300 feet at 60 mph. MBSE provides the product model but it needs to be realized in the form of enclosures, wires, PCBs, screws, etc. Realizing the MBSE design begins with architecture optimization – another new design phase. When entering detailed design, a poor architecture will result in a poor product.

Is Your Product Development Process Infected?

If COVID has had a significant impact on your business and, more specifically, your electrical and electronic product development processes, it may be time to swallow hard and make some changes. A model-based digital engineering process with 3D detailed design tools, combined with a robust communication backbone can prove resistant to COVID mandates and address growing product complexity. If your product development process is infected with COVID, digital engineering is the remedy.

Digital Transformation: A Business Perspective

The fast pace of digital innovation offers transformative opportunities. Manufacturing companies that understand how vital digital transformation is and that take action to implement it are securing their futures. Every aspect of every manufacturing...