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Mechatronic Cable DesignIf you’re an electrical engineer, you’ve most likely thought about the benefits to the design process if you were to collaborate with your Mechanical Engineering counterparts, or perhaps you are already looking into which areas you could collaborate on for a better Mechatronic cable design process?

Cable harness

5 Steps to More Effective Mechatronic Cable Design (Part 2)

Electrical engineers design in the logical world, connecting one connector to the other. Without any degree of up-front collaboration with the mechanical engineer, you have a limited ability to factor in the route that the cable is going to physically take as it passes through the space. This route may involve working around obstacles which calls for the integration of additional parts such as bulkhead connectors or a junction box. With the mechanical data on hand you can be far more knowledgeable and in a position to make more informed design choices about the cabling and even make suggestions to the mechanical team that would allow the design to be optimized.