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Modular Design

Circuit Modular Reuse Best Practices

In my previous post in this series about effectively reusing design modules to increase product quality and decease development time, I challenged you to think about how well you’re making use of existing design modules and why getting better at this could be a competitive differentiator. I looked at some of the design challenges circuit designers are facing, such as miniaturization, proliferation of electrical constraints and high speed design requirements, as well as some of the potholes it’s easy to fall into when working with modular design.

Modular Design

Are you Making the Most of Modular Design With Design Reuse? Part 1

Although we’ve been talking about it for years, in PCB design it has yet to catch on in quite the same way despite there being a host of benefits to be reaped from modular design practices. So in the first of this two-part series I’d like to challenge you to ask yourself a few questions about how you reuse designs.