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E3.series Options and VariantsOptions and Variants in E3.series provides an ideal platform to put together a design that can be configured to meet your requirements. The Options and Variants can be applied to Schematic, Harnesses and Panel designs with as much or as little detail as required. The ability to create complex combinations using Boolean logic and other methods gives you the ability to expand the use of options into small and large projects alike.

Electrical Design Configuration with E3.series

Tech Tip: How to Make Configurable Electrical Designs with E3.series

The automation or configurability of designs is a goal every team wants to achieve, but most teams haven’t seen success mainly due to not having the right tool to get the job done. Electrical design tools that were once used by a vast number of companies originally came as extensions of mechanical design tools, or were very often just basic drafting tools. The ability to create exceptional designs without errors and do it in a fraction of the time required by other tools is the major reason why E3.series is so effective in helping design teams.

API Powered Automation

E3.series 2017 Top 10, Part 3: API Powered Automation

The API (aka COM interface) gets the final spot in our top 10 series. There was no order or ranking for this list as such but this is one of my beloved features. It gives access to an abundant list of functions that can control almost all aspects of the design environment. You are able to access the API using the internal VBScript engine or the standard ‘.NET’ interface and connect to the application.