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Zuken PartnersZuken’s third party initiative is designed to complement Zuken’s software solutions with those from other organizations. Zuken believes in openness and collaboration and our Partner agreements are an example of this.

Wire Harness

An In-depth Look at Zuken’s New Harness Builder 2018 for E3.series

Harness Builder 2018 for E3.series is packed with new features and customer-driven enhancements with a focus on the manufacturing side of the process with the addition of new direct driving exports and documentation. New enhancements include an innovative way to display the wires on front or back images of connectors and within the tables located next to connectors on the formboard drawings. This assists the assembler with visualizing which colored wires go into the designated connector cavities and can greatly increase harness build speed while limiting errors.

Save Manufacturing Time

Lower Manufacturing Costs with XJTAG’s New Design Gateway Plugin

XJTAG has partnered with Zuken create a new plugin for Design Gateway and is offering it free of charge. The plugin, called XJTAG DFT Assistant, helps to validate correct JTAG chain connectivity, while displaying boundary scan access and coverage onto the schematic diagram through full integration with Design Gateway. So if you are using boundary scan today or want to incorporate it in your next design, the XJTAG DFT Assistant plugin is a tool you should be using

Electronic Component Datasheet Search Engine

Imagine Your Favourite Internet Search Engine, but for Datasheets

Finding electronic component datasheets isn’t always easy. Actually, let’s be frank for a moment, there are occasions where it can be an incredibly frustrating process. Finding the right information can be the most time-consuming element of PCB footprint and schematic creation. In fact, a study by Aberdeen Group* found that engineers can spend up to 50% of their time on component-related activities  – which is a lot of time away from actually designing PCBs.