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Avoid Surprise In-Use Product Failures

Four Steps for Avoiding Surprise In-Use Product Failures

As we witness the birth of an era of connected devices with smart homes, connected cars and smart networked supply chains and factories, we might imagine that unexpected failures of electronic products would be a rarity. But all too often we hear about cellphones going up in flames, airbags that deploy on their own, or drones falling out of the sky. It is estimated that in the automotive industry alone, global warranties amount to as much as USD 40 billion per year.

Is Planned Obsolescence Immoral?

Is Planned Obsolescence Immoral?

A Swiss colleague recently mentioned to me that many of his customers in the machinery and industrial equipment industry are burdened by the longevity of their products. Some were designed and manufactured so well that many customers saw no need for replacement – even after decades of service. An interesting aspect!