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Railway Industry DesignRail companies demand electrical and electronic design products that will enhance reliability, shorten the path to market, and offer productivity gains. Zuken solutions are perfectly placed for the electrical design of rail rolling stock and have huge potential application in infrastructure design.

Zuken’s electronic solutions are also highly applicable to the complex signalling function design. With the rail industry moving rapidly towards greater compatibility of systems across country borders there is increasing demand for versatile electronic design technology that can respond to these challenges.


Under the Hood of an Italian Student Motorsport Team using E3.series

Established in 2000, Firenze Race Team is the official Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) team of Università degli Studi di Firenze (University of Florence), where Formula SAE is doing much to mirror Formula 1 racing by holding events around the world. But a key difference is that the teams are made up only of students in active education; briefed to develop a Formula-style race car.

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Platform Design & Design Reuse Strategy for Electrical System Design within the Railway Industry

Today I’m going to be talking about the increase in complexity of rolling stock and off track devices in the rail industry, and how they are presenting a whole set of new challenges for electrical engineers. Engineering buzz phrases that might traditionally be associated with automotive companies are now top of the agenda. Platform design, among many others, is a design approach that the major players are using to reduce design cycle time and development costs.