techtip How to covert an Access database to a SQL database

Tech-Tip: How to convert an Access database to a SQL database

This video will show you how simple it is to convert an Access Database (.mdb) to a SQL Database using Zuken’s DBTool application.

Step 1) Open SQL Server Management Tool

Step 2) Create a new blank database

Step 3) Navigate to your DBTool.exe file and open

Step 4) Configure your Access database

Step 5) Select “Start” to begin copying the Access Database to the SQL Database

Step 6) Configure the SQL Database in E3.series. **See link below for pdf version of “How to configure a database”**

How to configure a database PDF

*Note: This video does not have sound

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Alex Bitzer worked as an intern for Zuken USA while pursuing her bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. She joined Zuken full-time in January 2017.

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