Tech Tip on the Circuit Block Manager


Modular circuit design allows engineers to create a set of electronics building blocks that can be reused and shared between products. The Circuit Block Manager facilitates reuse management and change control of a library of circuit blocks in a convenient and organized manner.

This brief video shows how simple it is to use a hierarchical schematic containing circuit blocks as the basis for a modular circuit block library within DS-CR.

My next blog post will show how to configure DS-CR with Circuit Block Manager – check back soon!

More information about modular circuit reuse can be found in these past Zuken Blog posts:

(For reference:

(For reference:

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Tom Warneke is an application engineer, providing customer support for DS-CR and DS-OpenEDA applications used for Electronics Product Data Management (ePDM). His work focusses on enhancing business agility, productivity, and collaboration for electronics product design and supply chain management through ePDM integration to EDA and PLM/PDM systems. Outside of work he enjoys cycling, photography, and time with family and friends.

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