Top 5 Design Issues

The 5 Top Design Issues: ECAD/MCAD Integration, PLM Integration, Data Management, Augmented Reality and PCB Package Co-Design

At this year’s annual conferences (ZIW) across Europe we brought together leading companies in their fields to discuss some the latest electrical and electronic design issues affecting our customers including: ECAD/MCAD integration, PLM integration, augmented reality and PCB package co-design.

Companies such as Bombardier, Qualcomm, NTL, Stadler Rail, Schindler and Mercedes-Benz sparked thought-provoking dialogue at the events in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland during Spring/Summer 2017.

And you can still join the community of Zuken users and industry experts at the annual European conference for English speakers (ZIW UK) to be held in Coventry, UK, on 27 September. Catch companies including Mecalac, BCA Leisure, Renishaw and SamacSys as they share experiences from their industries of issues in electrical and electronic design. Check out the agenda for full details.

Back to our round-up of hot design issues

1. ECAD/MCAD Integration

Bombardier addressed this key electrical design issue at both at the German and French events. They explained that by using the E3.series 3D Routing Bridge, they are able to connect their MCAD environment (CATIA) with their ECAD environment (E3.series). For a short demo on how the E3.series 3D Routing Bridge integrates with leading MCAD systems, CATIA and CREO check out our latest short movies.

2. PLM Integration

NTL PresentationFrench rail company NTL explained how they had moved from SEE electrical to E3.series, achieving integration on a PLM level with Teamcenter, and on a mechanical level with NX, using the mechanical and PLM integrations available within the E3.series environment.

3. Domain Data Management

Big on the agenda for Zuken right now is working with companies to improve their electrical and electronic design data on a localized level, which integrates with enterprise PLM environments such as Teamcenter. This was a consistently important topic for attendees at events in all locations. Watch the movie below for an introduction.

4. PCB Package Co-design

A leading engineer from Qualcomm in Silicon Valley, USA joined us in Germany and France to share how they are using CR-8000 Design Force in IC package design, to bring together the die, package, and PCB design environments to achieve a higher level of system co-design. Under one environment, design efficiency has been improved and a true integrated system view allows for optimal design and cost trade-offs. We will look at this topic again at ZIW UK on 27 September.

5. Augmented Reality

For a glimpse into the word of augmented reality, and to tell us how it can be used to realise the digital representation of their customers’ cabinets, we welcomed Weidmüller.


Have a hot design issue that you want to talk about? Contact me for more information about presenting at our 2018 events.

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