Wie spott isch es? (What Time is it?)

Albert Einstein once said: “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

The fact that everything happens at different times can be witnessed when walking into the new Swiss office and looking at the creative invention designed and built by masterminds Tobias Martin, Operations Manager, and his team.

Zuken Switzerland
Äs isch füf vor zwei (It is five to two)

The invention is showing all Zuken locations in their different time zones. It consists of 1.500 LEDs soldered on the back of a board in 2.800 joints. When an office opens the LED turns from red to blue. Zuken is a global software company, spread across multiple continents: when the Swiss team opens their laptops in the mornings, the US colleagues are still asleep in their beds and those in the Japanese Headquarters are almost done with the workday.

Next to the map, the front shows the world in the hands of a robot, symbolizing the way Zuken is supporting its customers, as the partner for success in digitalization, automation and electrical and electronic engineering.

Of course, the board also tells the time using a matrix of letters in written Swiss-German words, reflecting the team’s roots and identity. The words change in steps of five minutes, but the clock is more accurate than you would think. The team incorporated a clever detail, expressing the minutes in between as dots below the words. So, the clock is, in fact, telling the time to the minute, you just need to know how to read it.

Thank you for such a great initiative – I think, we need one in every office now!

A platform for further growth

The team of the Swiss Zuken E3 subsidiary moved into their new state-of-the-art office building in September. Luckily the weather was still warm enough for a housewarming barbecue party, so employees, customers and neighbors were in for a treat.

The move was necessary to accommodate the growing team and the demand for training facilities. Led by Tobias Martin, the team has grown bigger than ever before. Strengthening the Swiss subsidiary with the new office and new colleagues is just a logical step after increasing Zuken’s business in Switzerland in recent years. The office is located in Othmarsingen, in the heart of the Swiss-German region. This central position allows the team to travel to customers within one hour in most cases.

The building meets modern energy standards and reflects Zuken’s efforts to operate as an economically and ecologically sustainable enterprise. The housing sector is crucial for reducing fossil energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. With a 40% share of the total energy consumption, it is the most energy-intensive sector in Europe. The installation of an innovative water faucet eliminates waste from plastic water bottles, as filtered water can be tapped directly from the faucet.

The building is equipped with a charging station for hybrid and electric cars where the newest addition to the vehicle fleet, a Volvo hybrid car, can be charged. It will hopefully be put to use a lot more this year, since the office now boasts its very own training room, where Florian Gerber, applications engineer at Zuken, can hold his training sessions. Our customers are always welcome to recharge their cars for free!

To top off these construction efforts, the new office is also aiming to go entirely paperless. Zuken Switzerland invested in technology like smartboards and digital flip charts to support their goal.

The team consists of application engineers, solutions architects and sales among others, so a considerable amount of time is spent on the road. By implication, time spent together at the office is scarce and therefore extremely valuable. That is why working efficiently as a team becomes that much more important.

Zuken Switzerland

In addition to helping to protect the environment, digitalization is also helping the team be more productive on those rare days where everyone is collectively present at the office. All data can be saved, stored and shared automatically through the smartboard, instead of having to recreate digitally what was discussed in meetings and drawn up on regular whiteboards. That means brainstorming sessions become that much more efficient.

Zuken invested in its strengths and opened the new Swiss office as a platform for further growth – coming just at the right time!

Check out our scheduled training courses in Othmarsingen, Switzerland or contact the Swiss Team to learn more about our solutions!

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