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On June 11th, the Italian Zuken Community met in Bologna at Zuken Innovation World 2019 Italy

Bologna, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, a region in Italy that is famous both for its savory cuisine and ingenious engineers, provided the location for ZIW 2019 Italy. Being the homeland of the leading sports car and motorcycle manufacturers, and the “silicon valley” of the MotoGP and F1 racing teams, Emilia Romagna is frequently referred to as “terra dei motori” or “homeland of sports cars and motorcycles”. But these brands make up just the spearhead of a buzzing industry that ranks among the world’s leaders in engineering and production.

On June 11th, more than 100 engineers from the industrial pool of Emilia Romagna and neighboring regions gathered in the premises of the scenic Hotel Savoia in Bologna to spend a day to learn about Zuken’s latest solutions, exchange best practices around electrical engineering and PCB design with E3.series, CR-8000, and CADSTAR, and enjoy the delights of the local cuisine. The topical highlights of the 2019 event were represented by two acronyms: MBSE and RAMS, two areas that are difficult to explain in a simple sentence. So, let’s proceed step by step and start with a look at the definitions:

Connecting functional and physical domains

MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) has been defined by INCOSE (the leading authority, the International Council on Systems Engineering) as “the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later life cycle phases.” MBSE has for a long time been regarded as a somewhat “arcane science” that only a chosen few can understand. Now, Zuken is developing practical solutions capable of connecting the world of behavioral models with physical design. How functional models described in the MBSE standard syntax SysML can be “translated” into a physical design was explained by Reinhold Blank, Zuken Business Director Automotive, by means of a complex automotive wire harness. If you are interested in the connection of MBSE and physical design, take a look at the agenda of ZIW Germany, scheduled for Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Seeheim, Germany.

The second acronym, RAMS, represents the initials of the terms “reliability, availability, maintainability and safety”, and it’s defined in the CENELEC-Norm EN 50126 (CENELEC: Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique). RAMS describes a methodology that has been designed to identify – and eliminate – errors in the planning phase of electrical control systems. This is achieved by the application of various analyses for reliability, hazard and operability, failure mode and effects, and maintainability. To perform these analyses, software tools are available, but again, the link to physical design is vital to directly implement the modifications, e.g., in the control system. Mirco Casalini and Michele Mura from Prose, an engineering company specializing in the development of safe, economical, and environmentally friendly transport solutions, showed how they connected the RAMS domain and electrical engineering with their RAMSAssistant – software that integrates Zuken’s E3.series with Reliability Workbench from Isograph.

Electrical race cars – a breath of fresh air in the homeland of sports cars and motorcycles

While the flare-up of the discussion around CO2 output, global warming, and fine dust pollution is casting a shadow on the fascination of motorsports, young engineers are taking up the challenge developing new and environmentally approaches to the “object of desire” of the racing community. From Rome, the Fast Charge Team from the La Sapienza University of Rome exhibited the first wholly electric race car developed by an Italian team for the new electric category recently introduced in Formula SAE. The project was sponsored by Zuken, who provided its E3.series tools for the design of the wire harness of the new Fast Charge project.

Talent meets passion

While in general, ZIW events are characterized by a familiar atmosphere, this was again particularly true for the Italian event, where many small groups could be observed in animated discussion interspersed with an occasional laugh during the coffee and lunch breaks in which a rich and savory choice of regional specialties was served. Many of the “seasoned engineers” from more than 100 companies enjoyed the opportunity to discuss with the young generation of engineers from 4 attending student race teams and take a seat in the displayed electrical race. So, if you are a novice to Zuken’s ZIW events, or a regular attendee of a ZIW event in another country, why not consider a new experience going to Bologna next June, combining the pleasant with the useful. Participation is free, satisfaction is guaranteed.

ZIW around the globe

Zuken Innovation World takes place in locations around the globe giving you plenty of opportunities to participate in this exciting event. Take a look at the remaining 2019 lineup, find a conference near you, and make plans to attend!

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