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Zuken Continues Its Steady Climb in North America

Good Morning America…You may have heard musings of Zuken expanding its presence in North America, and I can confirm that the grapevine is correct. Over recent years Zuken has had steady growth in the Americas, and that growth continues, including new staff appointments like Bob Potock and the opening of the new R&D office in Silicon Valley.

Hear us loud and clear

Introducing Bob Potock

Bob is the new man behind the Zuken North American megaphone plan. The noise of Zuken will soon be sounding in EDA’s deepest valley and highest mountaintop (well maybe that’s an exaggeration). Over the next month, Bob and his team will be touring the continent on the “Zuken Vision Tour,” meeting editors, customers and influencers from coast to coast. .

Bringing development near

The new research and development office opening in California this fall brings a team of developers closer to the North American user base for better alignment of our design technology with the strategies and technologies of our customers. You might be familiar with Humair Mandavia; he is now heading up the new Silicon Valley office with a team of solution architects and software developers.Find out more in this press release.

Underpinning this continuing growth are the long-standing North American sales and support teams which comprise of Zuken USA, Inc., headed up by Dave Gullickson.

Out an about over the next month or so you might spot us at PCB West, the Global Product Data Interoperability Summit, Siemens User Group in Detroit and the IPC Conference on Component Technology. Or from the comfort of your own office, look out for Zuken in Design News and other publications such as PCD&F.


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