Si2 Board of Directors

Zuken Executive Joins the Board of Directors for the Silicon Integration Initiative

As part of our ongoing activity in the area of Silicon to PCB co-design data transfer, I have recently become a member of the board for the Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2), where major industry players such as Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, TSMC, Samsung and NXP are working together on collaborative R&D and standards setting.

Introduction to Si2

Without standards organizations and consortiums, the electronics industry would not be where it is today. This is the fundamental reason why Zuken maintains an ongoing effort to support the various organizations that are pillars to the growth and evolution in our market and why we have been a member of Si2 for the past few years.

Si2 is one of the leading research and development consortiums that provides standard interoperability solutions for EDA tools. Si2 is widely known for OpenAccess, which is a standard API and reference implementation that is the most-used IC design database in the world, including Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force. Many of the latest industry challenges are creating a demand through Si2 to help support compact models simulation due to higher operating frequencies, mixed-signal content and lower device tolerances. Members of Si2 also benefit from collaborating in an anti-trust protected environment with access to a wealth of industry research and studies.

Zuken’s technical contribution

I’m glad to be joining the likes of Tom Beckley from Cadence Design Systems, David DeMaria from Synopsys and Pravin Madhani from Mentor Graphics on the Board of Directors at Si2 representing EDA, along with seven other industry executives and leaders from leading semiconductor design and manufacturing corporations across the globe. In addition to my own work with Si2 helping define the strategy of the organization, Zuken is committed to providing technical contributions for the various initiatives and work groups, particularly in the new area of co-design data transfer.

Shifting design methodology to a co-design approach

Si2 Board of Directors

Si2 Board of Directors

Zuken has been a beneficiary of the work from Si2, such as OpenAccess, where it has enabled us to provide a complete system-level solution for chip, package and PCB co-design. By combining the strength of our native 3D environment for advanced packaging and PCB design, we allow designs teams to optimize their systems with native support of chip-level databases all in one environment – helping companies shift from a domain-specific design process, to a product-centric flow. By working with market-leading companies to shift to a new collaborative co-design based methodology, our goal is to take our knowledge gained and contribute to improve silicon to board data transfer, and system-level concurrent simulation analysis.

See Zuken and Si2 at DAC

If you’re headed to DAC in Austin, TX this week, be sure to stop by booth #239 to meet the Si2 team. I’m taking part in one of the panel discussions on Wednesday at 11:00am: Chip/Package/Board Co-design and Co-Analysis: Moving from Spreadsheets to EDA.

Read the press release here.

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Humair Mandavia is the chief strategy officer at Zuken, responsible for the SOZO Center, Zuken’s US R&D division in Silicon Valley. His responsibilities include working with industry-leading companies in the automotive, IoT, and other key technology sectors to help drive the latest innovations in electronic design to the market. A member of the Zuken team since 2004, his past roles include solutions architect, product manager, and director of engineering. Professional experience includes working as hardware design engineer at ADC Telecommunications designing ATM and SONET applications. Mandavia received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering and his MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas, and is a current board member for Si2.

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