Zuken Ramps Up Activity and Support for Growing Customer Base in Switzerland

Switzerland has always been “on the map” for Zuken, but more so now as we gear up to serve the growing market, which stems from Swiss development of high quality products and strength in the machinery sector.

The fact is, this country has a lot of clout and is not to be ignored. In addition to its strength in machinery, Switzerland is also home to a mix of well-known companies including large internationals such as ABB and Ruag.

With so many opportunities, Zuken is reinventing its presence in the region with additional staff (see latest press release about my appointment) and some great events over the next few months.

Highlights Include

Swiss Business Climate                                   

The economic downturn has not affected us dramatically in Switzerland. Yes, many companies have talked about hard times, but beneath that they are generally pretty healthy.

The domestic economy is good right now, but the export business is becoming tougher as we suffer from the Euro and Dollar exchange rates, making our goods even more expensive than before.

What this means for our customers is that they really need to focus on being innovative and driving down cost so that they can maintain their competitive advantage.

This is where we aim to assist. Find out how other companies have worked with Zuken to improve their product development processes, such as Emergency One, Alstom and Honeywell by downloading case study documents here.

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I am the Zuken Operations Manager responsible for the branch office in Switzerland located in Mägenwil. Outside of work I enjoy time with my family (wife and three kids) and participating in sports like jogging and football.

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