Forze Hydrogen Fuel Technology

Zuken Sponsors Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Development: The Forze IV

I wanted to share with you another of our exciting student sponsorship programs called Forze supporting the development of hydrogen fuelled automotive technology.

A large team of around 70 students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands make up a multi-discipline hydrogen racing team. Together they design and build a fuel cell powered racing vehicle which competes in the alternative fuel Class 1A of the Formula Student Competition in the UK. On August 16, they will also try to break the official world record for fuel cell vehicles at the 1/8th mile (approx 200 meters).

You might recall our other involvement in supporting engineers involved in the Formula Student competition, a team that we have blogged about on numerous occasions from the University of Esslingen in Germany.

Forze and Electrical Design

After three years of doing the automotive electrical design manually, the team chose E³.series electrical design software to automate the process.

E³.series is used widely in the automotive industry, adopted in the heart of electrical design with most of the major manufacturers from around the globe ranging from your average family car to leading competitors in Formula One.

The 2011 car will feature some electrical design work using E³.series, but the software will be used fully in the design of the 2012 car.

Watch this space for more updates on Forze.

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