PCB Design Market Share

Zuken World #2 in PCB Design Market Share According To Updated Figures from Gary Smith EDA

Gary Smith EDA, a provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the global Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry, has updated its latest worldwide market share figures for the 2009 PCB design market, showing Zuken in second place. While this may be a surprise to some, it merely serves to document what we have known for some time.

Zuken Prompts Update

The revision of these figures by Gary Smith EDA was prompted by Zuken, following the publication and promotion of the incorrect numbers by other EDA vendors who were attempting to highlight their dominance over the market.

Zuken’s figures used in these calculations of market share had not been provided or verified by Zuken. Upon discovery, we approached Gary Smith EDA and worked with them to correct these figures. This resulted in a formal update to the subscribers of Gary Smith EDA market data.

Overall PCB Market Share

Our customers in the USA and Europe have often told us that we are the best kept secret in PCB design. Perhaps with this new recognition clearly highlighting our #2 position, that secret may finally be out of the bag! Not only do we have a solid PCB market share (ranked second for all PCB-related products), but we also have an even higher relative share in the PCB layout segment, which tracks tools used to layout printed circuit boards.

Our record of innovation within PCB design as well as wire, harness and cable design, and library and design data management, has lead us to work with many of the world’s leading companies in all industry segments on the cutting edge of innovation across industry sectors.

You’ll be hearing more over the next few weeks about the impact of this update and how it affects more than just the providers of software solutions.


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*Please note that upon request of Gary Smith EDA, all figures have been withdrawn from publication to protect his copyright. We invite you to contact your local Zuken representative if you wish to discuss these figures in more detail.

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