Wurth Rules Driven Design Flow for CADSTAR

Zuken & Würth Elektronik Collaborate to Provide Manufacture Rules-driven Design Flow for CADSTAR

You might have seen the recent news about Zuken incorporating Würth Elektronik’s design for manufacturing rules into CADSTAR. Today I want to tell you a bit more about our collaboration with Würth. If you’re a PCB designer, you’ll know that you need to define the correct layer stackups, design rules and materials from the manufacturer. These need to be applied to your board to match the necessary impedances, as described in the specifications from the component manufacturer for the components used. It’s another tiresome task that keeps you away from doing the part of the job you enjoy, actually designing (am I right?).

So we thought…is there an easier way? Why not see if Würth Elektronik will provide the data we need and make it available directly within CADSTAR? Würth Elektronik saw that this all made a whole lot of sense, and agreed to this collaboration.

For every new template CADSTAR has also created a small reference design

Besides the new CADSTAR template files that you will be able to download from Zuken Global Support (ZGS), we have also created for every new template an additional small reference design that people who use our tools such as High-Speed Place & Route Editor, SI Verify or Power Integrity Advance, can access. Users will be able to analyze the board in CADSTAR’s high-speed design tools to verify for example, that the impedance values match with the values defined by Würth Elektronik. But even if you don’t have CADSTAR’s high-speed design tools, you will still be able to use the templates.

When designing and manufacturing a board, you will always need to deal with tolerances. By incorporating the latest Würth Elektronik layer stacks and design rules into CADSTAR, we have minimized the effect of those tolerances in the ECAD process. Plus, by using our high-speed tools to analyze every change that a PCB designer might make on a board you will be able to create a better, faster higher quality PCB design right-the-first-time, without exceeding the estimated product costs.

The new template and reference designs will be incorporated into the latest version of CADSTAR’s design tools in early 2013. If you are ‘on-maintenance’ then you can download them NOW from Zuken Global Support (ZGS).

What this means for the future

More template and reference designs will be available within CADSTAR in the future. Watch this space…

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Jeroen Leinders, born on 16th June 1965 is worldwide CADSTAR Distribution Manager of Zuken. He has been working for Zuken since 1999, first being in charge of the CADSTAR Sales in Belgium and the Netherlands, before being appointed as worldwide Distribution Manager in June 2001. Since then he has been involved in product planning and product marketing of Zuken's PCB Design solution CADSTAR. He has a diploma in electronics and been involved in electronic product design and manufacturing since 1985 and has gathered over 20 years of experience in several positions at various high-tech companies such as Zuken, ACS and Philips.

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